In order to enable you to deliver your material properly packed, Corral offers a wide range of possibilities for delivery: in bulk or packed in bags.

Silo Truck

From European plants and from our own warehouse, we organise deliveries in bulk, using silo trucks. These silo trucks comply with the highest standards currently existing in the plastics industry: the equipment was specially designed for the transport of plastics and powders.

The silo trucks' compressors are low noise, the air is cooled and a 5ยต stainless steel filter is used to filter the air. In addition, the trucks are equipped with everything that is needed to properly and safely unload your material.


More and more use is being made in the international trade of seabulk containers. Seperate sacks or big bags can now be replaced by one liner bag. The liner bag is hung in a conventional container and then filled at the producer.

In this way one is able to unload the container directly into the silo. In so doing You not only save packaging material and the handling process, you can also transport larger quantities per container.

The Corral equipment is specialy designed for the European seabulk container transport. The unloading of a seabulk container is a specific process, whereby extreme precision is required to be able to guarantee the purity of the product. With the expertise of our trained operators we can guarantee the safe and fast unloading of Your product.


Corral NV has the infrastructure to distribute your packed product around Europe in full truck loads and parcel deliveries.

Transport safe and pure

All transport is organized safely and your resin will be delivered purely. 

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